April 2016

HTML tables that provide hashtags for both formal and informal celebratory holidays, allowing users to plan their social media posts ahead as well as acquire some inspiration.

Skills Used: HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript

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This project is from my first assignment at Humber College’s Web Design, Development and Maintenance program. We were required to create an HTML calendar around a theme of our choice. Wanting to create something purposeful for others, I decided to create a calendar that would be helpful for social media content creators, specifically for those working in the nonprofit sector.

As one of the contributors for Amnesty International Toronto Organization's Digital Media Team at the time, I found it difficult at times to create social media content without being redundant. I thought that a calendar with preplanned hashtags would be especially helpful for those who were in the same position as I was. It’s important for grassroots activists to get their message out. Inserting their content among the stream of hashtagged content can reach communities where traditional forms of marketing might not reach.


The calendar is mobile responsive with 3 media queries that allow for optimal display across different device sizes. On both mobile and desktop devices, the calendar is responsive to the user's cursor/tap, which initiates CSS transformations and transitions that highlight the hashtags for that day.